Hannah from Tilney St Lawrence plays the part of murder suspect in new version of whodunnit board game Cluedo

Nikita Fenchurch

Nikita Fenchurch - Credit: Archant

Local woman Hannah Redenkova could be a ‘murderer’ and it is up to armchair sleuths nationwide to discover the truth.

Midsomer Murders CLUEDO

Midsomer Murders CLUEDO - Credit: Archant

Twenty-nine-year-old Hannah from Tilney St Lawrence is the face of one of the new characters to appear in the latest version of the classic board game Cluedo - Midsomer Murders.

Hannah, who is housebound as a result of suffering debilitating illness ME, won the chance to be one of a new set of characters for the Midomers version.

She said: “My friend shared a link for the competition with me on Facebook because she thought I’d like to have a go. There were three choices: Pub landlord, vicar or psychic.

“I chose psychic, found a costume, dressed up took a picture and sent it off. I couldn’t believe it when I found out I had won.”

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Hannah, who has been housebound for 16 months after becoming ill while studying for a Masters degree in book illustration, appears in the game, which is launched today (Friday) on Amazon as Nikita Fenchurch.

She joins the game’s other characters some of whom are familiar from the popular ITV murder mystery series.

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They include police officer DCI Barnaby, his dog Sykes and his wife Sarah Barnaby.

The game follows the popular format with the deadly deeds taking place in settings from the Midsomer series.

Cluedo enthusiasts will recognise the choice of weapons, as they are the same as those in the classic game.

Players have to decide who killed business woman Elizabeth Jones? Was it the village vicar, the pub landlord, the local psychic or even Sykes the dog?

It is the first time members of the public have had the chance to feature in the game. The competition was run on the popular Midsomer Murders Facebook page.

Hannah, who lives with her parents Karen Redenkova and stepdad David Rutter, added: “This has been a really big lift for me. I can’t wait to get my copy of the game so I can have my friends round for a night of Cluedo.

“My illness makes things harder for me, and while it might not seem like a big deal to some people but it was a real effort for me to enter the competition - so I’m delighted it paid off and I won.”

Hannah writes a regular blog about her struggle with ME which can be found at: superpooped.blogspot.com

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