Happy to hear bell ringing in March

READING this weeks Cambs Times we, as a family, were disgusted to read that someone had complained to Fenland District Council regarding the ringing of St Wendreda’s bells on a Monday evening.

We moved to the area of St Wendreda’s two and a half years ago after living on the north side of March for five years, and I distinctly recall the first Monday evening we lived in our new home. Putting something into the wheelie bin I heard the lovely ringing coming from St Wendreda’s and thought to myself, how lovely it is to live in such a nice area, and to listen to something so beautiful, we have enjoyed each and every Monday evening since, and enjoy nothing more in the summer months than having the windows open, and filling the house with the bell ringing.

We are a non-religious family, but see this as part of a heritage, and enjoy it for being so.

When I read the letter out to my family on Friday evening we were all rather disgusted that someone had actually spent the time to complain about something that is hundreds of years old, and will continue for many years to come, even after we and the complainants have departed this earth. My 12 year old even said how the bells were lovely to listen to when he lies in bed and sometimes help to send him off to sleep.

I suggest that Michael Goakes and his team ignore yet another daft and ignorant public complaint, and concentrate on continuing to fill the area with their fabulous bells on a Monday evening, and any other evening that they fancy! I also suggest that the complainant finds something better to do with their time and perhaps complain to Fenland District Council about the state of some of the roads or finding another route through/around March.


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