Have they sold us short? That’s what some in MARCH are saying about the money and attention that WISBECH is getting

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Greg Clark MP. Visit to Wisbech. Picture: St

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Greg Clark MP. Visit to Wisbech. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

Councillors were facing a backlash last night from residents of March who say they are fed up with Wisbech getting preferential treatment.

The outburst was prompted by the visit to Wisbech by Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Greg Clark.

Wisbech is set to achieve ‘garden town’ status with a multi million pound investment that could bring an additional 10,000 homes, an enterprise zone and new schools.

The investment could also see the re-opening of the Wisbech to March rail line.

But many took to social media to protest at what they feel as the neglect of March by councillors.

Mark Harley sparked the debate on the 14,000 strong March Free Discussion Facebook page: “Would one of our councillors like to say why, when March has already got rail links in place, a good road network, a river that links to many others for boating and tourism possibilities we have yet again been overlooked?”

Wisbech, he argued, “has no rail network and a tidal river that’s not that great .Yet they’re planning to invest yet more millions into Wisbech

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“Are our councillors not bothered that March is becoming a ghost town shop wise tourist wise?

“There’s so much potential here but they seem content to do nothing to grow it.”

Gary Presland agreed and said “councillors are determined to kill the town off completely; they should be ashamed of themselves for letting the town go to rack and ruin “.

Ian Dickerson wrote that “most of the town councillors don’t have a vision for the town: they’re there to feel important. Those that do have a vision are rarely listened to.

“I don’t see the position changing unless there is a change of councillors, which is as likely finding a snowflake in the Caribbean.”

Councillor Jan French, a former mayor, said councillors have fought hard to get march the best deal.

“Unfortunately our leadership, may I say a March person, does not fight for us.”

She said March was allocated 4,200 homes over 20 years but “what is the government doing to help with infrastructure?

“Our leader needs to address that before he gets Wisbech going.”

Alan Gowler wrote: “From what I understand, I could be wrong, there is a potential to build a load of new houses in March but as usual, nobody wants to pay for the infrastructure to support them. Here’s the important bit though. Should our councillors agree to that development (without the infrastructure) or reject the proposal.”

Susan Carson wrote: “Both towns need investment, new homes built and new industries that bring in jobs for locals.”

Steve Neugebauer said: “March does need more attention without a doubt. With all the future plans for extra homes there is a real need for the town’s infrastructure to be radically updated in all aspects which means drainage etc.

“We just cannot keep allowing developers to keep connection to the existing ones that cannot cope.

“They wish to spend big money on Wisbech which is fair play but March also needs it too and desperately and it’s high time our councillors saw that too and grew a backbone to see it through or step aside and let someone else do it.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is Wisbech getting VIP treatment over March? Email your comments to john.elworthy@archant.co.uk

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