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PUBLISHED: 19:02 21 August 2006 | UPDATED: 22:07 28 May 2010

Harry Finn-Brand

Harry Finn-Brand

NOMINATIONS have been flooding in for a Cambs Times competition to find a special person to open March s new-look Sainsbury s following its £1million refit. Here are some of the nominations we have received - but you will have to wait until Tuesday August

Roy Habbin

NOMINATIONS have been flooding in for a Cambs Times competition to find a special person to open March's new-look Sainsbury's following its £1million refit.

Here are some of the nominations we have received - but you will have to wait until Tuesday August 29 to find the eventual winner who will perform the opening ceremony.

The name of the reader nominated to perform the honours will be revealed EXCLUSIVELY here on our website at 10am on August 27, and we will be contacting the lucky reader to invite them along for the official opening.

The Mill View store closes at 3pm on Friday August 25 and will re-open at 9am on Thursday August 31.

Louise Hazell

Nominations have included readers of all ages from nine to 85 years. There have been so many worthy nominations that we have decided to choose an adult and a junior winner.

* I nominate Mrs Julie Boyle of 37 Westwood Avenue, March.

This lady is the wife of my grandson John and is mother of Daniel (13) and Kirstyn (8).

My wife and I, both severely disabled and aged 86 have lived with my daughter Jean in Bar Hill since 1972.

Quirinus Nederpel

When my daughter's husband passed away in 2002, Julie proposed that she and her family take on the responsibility of looking after Jean, now also a pensioner, and her parents (that is my wife 81) if we would move into her house.

We were all in accord with this and so the above address was converted from 3 bedrooms to 5!

This work is now about completed, we moved from Bar Hill into the family home in June this year.

There are now four generations living here, with our daughter Jean being our "official" carer, but Julie is the unofficial carer of her large family.

We all love her and she is already a VIP.

We hope you will agree.


* I would like to nominate Mr Stanley Giddings, of 118 RGF Lane, March (Tel 01354 655018) as a candidate for the opening of the new look Sainsbury's store, on August 31.

The reason being that in 1924, Stan moved into number 22 Mill View, after he married he moved into number 17 Mill View, where he and his wife Doris lived until 1964 from where they moved to their present address. Stan is 85 years old and his wife a little younger.

He often reminisces about his days down Mill View, which I'm sure you are aware is the present site of Sainsbury's.

P B AMPS. 113 Robingoodfellows Lane, March

* I would like to nominate my sister Lillian Oakey, of 58 Westbourne Road, Chatteris, to open the Sainsbury store.

I have spent the last five months in Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, where she visited me almost every day bringing me everything I needed, as well as little treats to brighten my stay. In my absence she cared for our 93 year old mother, doing the cooking, washing, cleaning, gardening, etc most of which I would usually have done.

During this time her own life had to be put on hold, meaning she missed out on various social events and activities which she would normally have enjoyed.

She dealt with all my correspondence and financial matters, especially items concerning the Arthritis Research Campaign, of which I am the local secretary. This included organising the annual Chatteris in Bloom event, which involved a great deal of work.

In addition she ran errands for neighbours, transporting them to and fro for medical treatment, and managed to continue her work for the St John Ambulance, and its medical loans service.

As I improved she went with me into the gym at the hospital, encouraging me to do the various exercises. Then she arranged for the redecoration of my bedroom, in preparation for my return home.

I can never thank her enough for her dedication and support during what was for me a very difficult time, but if she was chosen for this special treat it would show her how much I appreciated everything she did for me.

J OAKEY, 58 Westbourne Road, Chatteris

* GIVEN the achievements of Louise Hazel as reported in the Camb's Times August 11, I think your search is over. A store with a modern outlook should consider itself lucky to have such a performer as Louise living within walking distance. Louise will achieve GOLD for her country one day soon. She needs all the support and encouragement she can get from the town she calls home. Do others agree? Sainsbury's and the Cambs Times, are you backing Louise? March is

KEVIN F DEVLIN, 26 Riverbank Close, Gaul Road, March

* I would like to nominate Mr Quirinus Nederpel, 3 Scargells Lane, March as the perfect person to officially open the new look March Sainsbury store.

'Q' as he is affectionately known, gives a personal service of a genuine and excellent Shoe Repairer, and together with his witty humour brings a smile to the faces of many brightening their day with laughter.

To this well known friend to many, who has a special way with all people, dedication to his trade, and to brighten a difficult year, I recommend that he be considered for this wonderful opportunity in thankfulness to him.

MRS MARGARET SCOTNEY, Yentocs, 159a Creek Road, March

* Carol Booker of March, would like to nominate the Fenland Alzheimer's Society, because of the work they do. She said they deserve as much help as possible because they do really good work.

Carol's contact is 01354 658040, contact for Alzheimer's is 01945 580460.

* I would like to nominate my wife for the VIP to open the store as she has come through the most traumatic of childhood's, recently lost her Nan and has never one complained or ever stopped.

I would appreciate her being selected as a thankyou from myself and our son, for being such a special woman and mother.

S MCADIE, (via e-mail stuartmcadie@hotmail.com

* I would like to nominate my wife Marilyn, she is 60 years old and disabled with a very bad back. When we lived in Long Sutton she took on an eight month old boy, he had a fractured skull, and was left in a car on a very hot day with all the windows shut and he nearly died. He is now 4 and a half and a special needs boy.

His mother had another boy and at 8 months old he also suffered a fractured skull. He was placed in a foster home. My wife went to her MP to obtain him to be with his brother. It took 14 months to get to Lincoln Court and we won a court order for both boys. One is now four and a half and his brother 3.

When we married 20 years ago I had 4 children, my wife had died. Marilyn had 3 children but she reared them all. She does not know I have sent this letter. I am 73 years old and do all the house work, cooking and shopping.

R BRIGHTMAN, 47 Eastwood Avenue, March

* My nominee to open the revamped Sainsbury store is Mr Roy Habbin. Roy was born in March in 1925 and has lived in the town all his life. After completing three years National Service Roy put a lot of effort into helping local people. In 1948 Roy was elected secretary of March British Legion Football Club who were very successful winning two promotions in the Peterborough League and also the North Cambs Junior Cup, the football club dis-banding in 1955.

In 1965 Roy was appointed a Youth Leader at the newly formed March Youth Club and served there until 1986 the 13 years as joint leader in charge of the club. Roy and his colleagues were able to help and advise over 2000 different young people. The Football Section of which Roy was Chairman went on to win the National Association of Youth Clubs National Cup at Leicester City's ground in April 1976.

In 1983 Roy was appointed Director by Project Trident and he had to set up a new project for Fenland. Working with four schools they were able to place over 5500 young people in work experience during the last year at school.

The whole project involved over 20,000 people employers, parents and students.

In 1986 Roy volunteered his services to the March and Chatteris Talking Newspaper for the Blind. Two years later following the late Tom Ellingham's retirement. Roy was elected Chairman and they went on to the production of Audio Tapes. Roy was instrumental in winning them five national awards in eight years including the Queen's Golden Jubilee Award for Community Service. The President of Talking Newspaper Association of The United Kingdom acknowledged them as one of the best Talking newspapers in the country.

In a winners' reception held at St James Palace on Monday July 19 2004, Roy was personally thanked by Her Majesty for the work done for the Blind and Visually Impaired and was very impressed by what had been achieved. Roy has also entertained at various functions over the years playing the keyboard and giving pleasure to many people.

Roy's service over the years to young people and the blind would be nicely rewarded if he were chosen to perform the re-opening of Sainsbury's and I commend this man to you.

STANLEY H GREEN, 36 Wimblington Road, March

* I am writing to tell you about my son Harry and why I would like to enter him for your competition. Harry is just nine years old, but just days before his ninth birthday last September he was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing's sarcoma. Harry spent his ninth birthday in the operating theatre to prepare for the gruelling treatment that lay ahead and the fear that he may not see his tenth birthday.

He has spent most of the last year in hospital having chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The treatment has made Harry feel extremely ill at times and sickness became a way of life! He faced losing all his hair and having to be a spectator rather that a player for his football team whom he adores. He has gone through so many things that a child really shouldn't, but has faced it all with guts and determination, including returning to school after a nine month absence!

Harry never complains although I know he often feels sad that his life has changed so much he can't be the care-free child he would like to be. Harry is an inspiration to all who know him and I am full of admiration and pride for my young son. Harry is now approaching the end of treatment, and indeed, his tenth birthday that seemed so unreachable a year ago. What a fitting present, a very special day for a very special boy!

ANGELA FYNN-BRAND, 142 Cavalry Park, March

* I would like to nominate my daughter Trica Ward. Not only is she a full time working mum, she works for the NHS, she is also my carer (I have arthritis). I am 71 years young.

Tricia is always there when I need her. This would be my way of saying thank you for being there. She deserves a little bit of pampering, and this would be a great honour for her and for me.

MRS E A BRENT, 55 Springfield Avenue, March

* My name is Danae Campey I am 8 years old.

I would like to nominate my great granddad to perform the opening ceremony of your new look store in March on August 31.

His name is Don Osborne and he has shopped with you since you opened in town. He is 80 years old and is registered blind but he still manages to visit you everyday!

Granddad Don is always telling his friends and anyone else who will listen, how caring and helpful the staff are by helping him with his shopping!

The whole family is extremely excited about the new store but we hope granddad wont get lost! I'm sure he wont with all the friendly staff to help.

PLEASE pick my granddad as it would be a wonderful surprise and make him very happy.

DANAE CAMPEY, Via e-mail DynamiteDanae@aol.com

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