HAVE YOUR SAY: Readers support Fenland holiday firm which left couple 30 miles from hotel

READERS have reacted in support of a Fenland holiday firm after a coach driver abandoned a couple 30 miles away from their hotel.

Neville and Christine Fletcher, of Soham, claim Fenn Holidays showed a “lack of compassion” after the company’s coach driver them stranded in the 100-degree heat of San Marino.

But March-based Fenn Holidays refute any wrongdoing and say everyone except the couple returned to the coach on time.

The holiday firm’s spokesman added: “The client later apologised to both driver and tour escort. He said that he had seen the driver looking for them whilst they were sitting in a restaurant but that he was embarrassed as he had got the time wrong.”

The spokesman also said all clients had a travel pack with emergency phone numbers but the missing pair had not been in contact.

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Readers have today spoken out in support of Fenn Holiday’s action.

Geraldine Cook, of March, said: “I have no sympathy whatsoever with Neville and Christine Fletcher. They were 100 per cent responsible for ruining their holiday themselves - and held up the excursion for 30 other travellers.

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“They should have used the travel pack with emergency phone numbers - after all that is what it is designed for.

“I hope they have learned a lesson. Be punctual in future, and take notice of instructions and don’t blame others for your own incompetency.”

Kath Ingram, also of March, said: “Having travelled with Fenn Holidays on several occasions, both in this country and abroad, I have always found them meticulous in their arrangements and care for their clients. However, it is up to the individual to ensure that they strictly adhere to the pick up times and places.

“It appears that the driver did his best to locate his missing passengers but coaches can normally only wait so long in an area to pick up and so he would have no alternative but to move on.

“In any event it is just inconsiderate and rude to expect 30 other passengers to sit waiting and their schedule disrupted without a very serious reason for the delay and not making absolutely sure of times and pick up venues is not one.”

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