Schools told to show caution after lockdown from July 19

Jyoti Atri and Jonathan Lewis tell Cambridgeshire schools to stay cautious from July 19

Jyoti Atri and Jonathan Lewis, directors of public health and education in Cambridgeshire, have issued an urgent plea to schools as new figures show rising Covid-19 numbers. - Credit: LDRS/Archant

Health and education chiefs have urged schools across Cambridgeshire to remain cautious once coronavirus restrictions ease next week. 

Guidance for schools will change at the same time as the country relaxes restrictions on Monday, July 19, including the need to wear face masks and abide by social distancing measures. 

But Jyoti Atri, Cambridgeshire’s director of public health, and Jonathan Lewis, the county’s director of education, want schools to take a cautious approach from so-called Freedom Day. 

In a joint statement, they said: “We have a proud record of minimising the spread of Covid-19 in schools during the last 16 months.  

“Under the guidance released recently, the government have stated that face coverings will not be mandatory in schools.  

“However, if there is an outbreak in a school, the director of public health can advise schools that face coverings should temporarily be worn in communal areas or classrooms.” 

Jyoti Atri director of public health in Cambridgeshire

Jyoti Atri, director of public health in Cambridgeshire, have urged schools to stay cautious as Covid-19 restrictions ease. - Credit: LDRS

Ms Atri and Mr Lewis said they will monitor the “community infection rate” into autumn and intend to brief headteachers about current Covid-19 provision in September. 

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All staff, secondary school and college students are also advised to test and report results online over the summer holidays. 

Jonathan Lewis has urged schools in Cambridgeshire to stay cautious from July 19

Jonathan Lewis, director of education in Cambridgeshire, have urged schools to stay cautious as Covid-19 restrictions ease. - Credit: Archant

Autumn asymptomatic testing will resume in secondary schools and colleges and will continue until the end of September before a review takes place. 

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