Council leader warns residents to think twice about Christmas meet-ups

Fenland council leader warns of Covid-19 risk over Christmas bubbles

Cllr Chris Boden, leader of Fenland District Council, said residents should not mix with others, including elderly and vulnerable relatives, this Christmas unless it is necessary. - Credit: Harry Rutter/Archant

The leader of Fenland District Council has warned residents to think twice before forming Christmas bubbles to keep them and their families safe from coronavirus. 

Councillor Chris Boden and Dr Liz Robin, director of public health for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, are asking people not to relax too much over the festive period in a bid to contain the virus. 

“I would urge everyone to think twice about their Christmas plans and not mix with others, particularly elderly and vulnerable relatives, unless it’s really necessary,” he said. 

“There is light at the end of the tunnel thanks to all the sacrifices and potentially to the Covid-19 vaccine, but we are not quite there yet, and the government advice is that the risk is still high.” 

Between December 23-27, three households can meet in homes, places of worship or public outdoor spaces, excluding pubs and restaurants, and people can travel between tiers to see each other. 

Most of Cambridgeshire will remain in Tier 2 following a government review into the tiered system today (Thursday), while Peterborough shifts into Tier 3, the toughest restrictions, from Saturday, December 19. 

Dr Robin said that meeting online is the safest way to spend Christmas in order to protect elderly and vulnerable relatives, and that some families have decided to meet next spring when a vaccine should become more widely available. 

“This Christmas, the safest way to spend time with family and friends is either online, on the phone or outside. If you do decide to meet inside there is some risk particularly if elderly or vulnerable people are involved,” Dr Robin said. 

Dr Liz Robin, director of public health for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, warns against Christmas bubbles

Dr Liz Robin, director of public health for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. - Credit: Archant

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“Unfortunately, coronavirus doesn’t pay attention to dates in the calendar and will be just as infectious at Christmas as at any other time. 

“For now, we still need to think carefully about how we can keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.” 

Residents are reminded that anyone experiencing Covid-19 symptoms need to self-isolate, including over the Christmas period. 

To find the latest Covid-19 figures for Fenland and support services, visit: