Heartbroken father claims he has been banned from visiting brain-damaged daughter in hospital

A HEARTBROKEN father from March says he has been banned from visiting his severely brain-damaged daughter in hospital.

Edward Perry, 68, claims he has only been allowed to visit his daughter Bernadette, 51, once since she suffered a cracked skull after falling down the stairs in January.

Since this visit five days after her accident, Mr Perry says he and his family have been barred from seeing Bernadette by her husband, Tony Bazzoni. Mr Bazzoni has authority as next of kin to Bernadette, who is incapacitated and unable to speak.

They have also been left uninformed about changes in her condition and were not even aware when she was moved to the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability five months ago.

Following a row with his daughter’s husband, Mr Perry claims that Mr Bazzoni wrote a list of people permitted to visit the hospital, omitting every member of Bernadette’s family.

“He’s given them a list of who can see her and who can’t and our family is right at the bottom,” said Mr Perry. “We have been blocked from contact with her from day one.”

Mr Perry and his son, Stephen, have sent letters of complaint to the hospital, asking for permission to visit his daughter and updates on her medical condition.

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In reply the hospital stated that they would not restrict any family member from visiting - but that in this case there was a “complex and complicated family situation.”

The hospital had suggested pre-arranged visits, but Mr Perry says that since then Bernadette’s aunt and cousin have also been refused access to visit her, despite calling in advance.

“I don’t know why we have been stopped from seeing my daughter,” said Mr Perry. “We had a brilliant relationship before this, she knows I would do anything for her.

“All I’m asking for is to see my daughter and find out what her medical condition is.”

A hospital spokesman said: “The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) would never seek to block family members from visiting patients and indeed has not barred any family member from visiting Mrs Bazzoni.

“Whilst the rights of the next of kin need to be respected, the RHN always seeks to assist and support the family of patients and will continue to liaise with all family members in this case.”

Mr Perry has written to support groups and local MP Stephen Barclay in his desperation to prompt changes to the system.

“I think all the relatives should be given the information and the right to visit,” said Mr Perry. “It’s wrong to stop an entire family from visiting. We are having our human rights taken away from us.”

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