Help me end my housing hell pleads man to Fenland District Council

A MAN is urging Fenland District Council to step in and save him from living in squalor.

Michael Boomer of Creek Road, March, claims landlord Geoff Day has refused to improve conditions at the property, which he shares, despite the council making countless recommendations following an inspection.

Mark Ostler, the council’s Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) Officer, highlighted that there was “excessive mould growth” in the bathroom and all walls, “no form of direct central heating or storage heating” and that the electricity system “may require some upgrading and earth bonding”.

Yet Mr Boomer said no work has taken place since the officer’s visit on June 16 and has apparently made several unsuccessful pleas to the council for help in resolving the situation.

He said: “I’ve had enough now. I moved in four years ago and was told these things would be improved.

“They still haven’t and I want the council to get it done or get him shut down and sort me somewhere safer to live.

“He will not spend money and I’m stuck in my room as the rest of the house is disgraceful. I’m embarrassed about the state of the place.”

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Mr Boomer says he pays �55-a-week to rent a room at the house and his health has deteriorated as a result of the problems.

His doctor Eamonn Walsh has confirmed that “Mr Broomer is suffering from stress at present in relation to issues with his housing”.

A council spokesman said: “Fenland District Council is aware of concerns from the tenant relating to the condition of the property.

“We have raised these concerns with the landlord and we will continue to work with both the landlord and the tenant to resolve the issues amicably.”

The landlord was unavailable for comment as he was out of the country.

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