Help track down a bad odour in Wisbech by keeping a smell diary

Residents are being encourged to keep a smell diary

Residents are being encourged to keep a smell diary - Credit: Archant

Smell warfare has been launched in Wisbech where residents are keeping odour diaries in a bid to track down where a mystery pong is coming from.

Some householders have said the smell is so bad that they want to sell up and move.

Councillor Steve Tierney said that at least 15 couples are now logging the odour in a bid to track down the culprit.

“People are saying it absolutely stinks,” he said.

“I have had at least 30 reports from people who commented, a lot of them during my election campaign around the Medworth ward.”

The worst affected areas seem to be Malt Drive, Abraham Drive and Queens road estate he said.

“It started about three months ago. I went to the environmental health team and was advised we need to keep proper logs in order to have as much information as possible.”

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A spokesman for Fenland District Council said: “Cllr Tierney has been in touch with our environmental health team about this issue and we are looking into it.

“We have asked residents in the area to provide us with as much information as possible about the type of smell and the times they are experiencing it to help us with our investigation.”

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