Help us hit £3,000 target for charity by attending charity ball at Rose & Crown, Wisbech

We are hosting a charity masquerade ball at the Rose & Crown Hotel in Wisbech on March 15 to raise money for Sports Connections Foundation, based in Peterborough.

Kate and I in the Wisbech branch have been fundraising since November and so far have raised more than £2,000. For every pound we raise, Barclays is matching it.

Our target is £3,000 and the sale of the ball tickets would support us reaching this.

We are going to Burkina Faso on February 23 with the charity, which is being supported by an existing charity already out there, Coaching for Hope. ITV is also coming out with us to film and document all that happens.

The charity is looking to set up a nursery facility in the area of Ouagadougou as the local work is at a mine breaking stones. The parents take their children with them as they have no-one to look after them and so the children end up working in the mines too.

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Anyone interested in purchasing tickets for our ball can visit the branch.


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