Hero medic rescued by ‘extraordinary’ Manchetts woman recovery driver after breaking down in ‘pitch black’ freezing conditions

Stacy Carter from Manchetts came to the rescue of Tom Lynch MBE

Stacy Carter from Manchetts came to the rescue of Tom Lynch MBE - Credit: Archant

“The lights illuminated the area and at that point I knew that I was not going to die, or at least my life chances were now being raised.”

The words of medic Tom Lynch MBE, who has praised a Burwell-based woman recovery driver for rescuing him after he broke down in freezing conditions on a section of the M11 in February.

Mr Lynch, who had just finished a 14-hour shift for the London Ambulance Service, was stranded in the ‘pitch black’ just after midnight near to the A11 exit with only a torch, hi-viz and a portable emergency warning light on in his car.

“I have to admit it, it was a bit scary. I’ve never broke down on the motorway before, those big lorries are very fast up close and don’t always stay in lane,” he said.

But ‘extraordinary’ Manchetts Recovery driver Stacy Carter led him to safety as she fixed his car.

It was a role reversal for Mr Lynch, from Cambridge, who has worked for the London Ambulance service for 25 years.

He was hailed a ‘Healthcare Hero’ in an exhibition at the British Medical Association for setting up the capital’s cycle response unit.

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In a letter thanking 23-year-old Stacy that he wrote to Manchetts bosses, Mr Lynch explained: “I know this stretch and probably as the M11 goes is not the greatest stretch so I coasted/ limped to the safest part available to me with protection for me to stand away from the vehicle.

“There was no power to illuminate any lights for just under an hour.”

Mr Lynch was trying to maintain his warmth – but it was proving difficult as the temperature had dropped to below minus three.

He continued: “Stacy introduced herself and assured me that the cab was warm and that she would sort it all out. I just so thankful and was in awe as she just cracked on with the job and got stuck in.

“My safety to her was paramount of which I never really had to think about before as I normally do that bit.

“I went on to tell her I could not wait to chat to my daughter about her.

“My daughter is learning about ‘extraordinary women’. I am going to tell her that daddy was rescued by ‘supercool’ Stacy in the morning.

“What an asset to your company and role model for girls and woman alike. Breaking stereotypes is awesome and my little boy will also learn about Stacy.

“Despite having a rough day and ending this way I am delighted that I met Stacy and we were able just to chat about stuff, this lifted the spirits.

“Stacy could be a paramedic no problem, but for now I think she loves her job and is very good at it. A very big thank you to Stacey.”

Manchetts are finalists in The SME Cambridgeshire Business Awards 2018 for their customer service.

They offer a 24-hour breakdown service, seven days a week from roadside repairs to full accident management.