High Street spending fall is the result of Tory/Lib Dem cuts ‘obsession’

GLOOMY news from the Financial Times that ‘cash-strapped’ households produced the most severe cut in spending in the average High Street for 10 years.

It convinces me that the imminent closure of businesses in our town centre, and fight for survival with the rest, is the direct result of current government policy with their obsession for cutting first and thinking things through afterwards.

They’ve already had to backtrack on their sweeping NHS reform programme (not in the manifesto) and the swingeing cuts in Defence spending.

They will try to say they are listening to public opinion - I will say they’ve rushed into these reforms without proper planning or consultation and now they are reaping the consequences.

Both the Conservatives and Lib Dems who make up our Coalition Government are to blame for this sorry state of affairs in my view, although there are signs that the Lib Dems are having second thoughts about their chosen bedfellows and I don’t blame them because the Conservatives are not to be trusted, either in National or Local government.


Independent Candidate, March East

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