Highway officer decisions “do not involve councillors in their actions”

What goes on in the head of my critic from last weeks edition is a mystery. He writes that I read his “blogs” Wow what an assumption, what an ego!

I do not have the time or inclination to read any blogs, especially those that are child like and smell of stupidity.

But I am well informed of what goes on out there.

His comments that “I should know all about what plans were made for the Wisbech one way reversal traffic flow, because I as a county councillor am informed” is completely wrong.

Many decisions are made and taken by highway officers and they do not involve councillors in their actions.

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Incidentally while on this subject, he lost to me in the county elections two year ago, that is when I became the UKIP county councillor.

He takes the attitude that I wrongfully took his place, it was the public that voted him out, its called democracy!

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He knows how the system works, he was there for the previous four year term. I think it is his devious mind that only tells half the story while holding back on other important details.

The decision regarding the one way traffic flow change was made and implemented without any information provided to councillors, and would you believe this, the police were not notified either.

Yet the Conservative leader of Wisbech Town Council knew, he was involved with it from the onset and what a shambles he has made of it.



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