Demolition day agreed for historic Fenland chimneys

Saxon Pit Chimneys that are subject to a palanning application to be demolished.,Whittlesey, Peterb

Saxon Pit Chimneys in Whittlesey will be demolished on May 21, weather permitting. - Credit: Terry Harris

Demolition experts have agreed that May 21 at 10am will be the moment two 85m tall, historic chimneys at former brickworks come down. 

An exclusion zone will be in place to enable nitro-glycerine explosive charges to be laid.  

Five minutes prior to demolition explosive engineers will sound a warning – two short klaxon blasts.  

Immediately prior to demolition they will sound a final warning – third short klaxon blas Following demolition the engineer will check the site and will sound an All Clear – 10 second klaxon sound  

Residents living near the chimneys – at Whittlesey – were told that “other than the sound of the chimneys being demolished the demolition will not have any adverse impact outside of Saxon Pit”.  

Contractors say they have been liaising with local graziers “who are all happy with the proposal and timescale”. 

The county council has been assured that spectators will be kept well clear. 

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The explosives company will ensure people stay outside an exclusion zone prior to detonation.  

A structural survey recommended that the chimneys could be demolished on safety grounds. 

Historic England says the Saxon pit has been serving brickworks for over 100 years “and the chimneys are iconic on the skyline, representing a long-standing industry in the area”.  

It is expected that a photographic record of the chimneys prior to, during and following demolition will be made for future generations to consider.