Historical cemetery exploration for Wisbech’s curious youngsters

YOUNG people from Atelier East’s Young Curator’s Forum have been documenting the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Wisbech for their upcoming exhibition on the way Wisbech has changed over the last century.

The group, made up of young people from Wisbech and the surrounding areas, photographed in detail the memorial stones and carvings they had on them, from ornate Victorian pillars to more modern marble and etchings. The group recorded the way fashions have changed and the types of stones people chose to be remembered by.

Many beautiful and insightful photos were taken and the group is looking forward to the next meeting where they can share these images with each other, before presenting them in an exhibition and adding them to the community archives.

If you have a connection to the Mount Pleasant Cemetery or the area around it and would like to share your stories, please contact youngartists@atelier-east.co.uk

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