Ho, ho, Hoy: Police visit councillor’s Wisbech home after suspect gives it as false address

POLICE hammered on the door of the wrong home this morning after a suspect gave them a false address... belonging to Cambridgeshire County Councillor Samantha Hoy.

Cllr Hoy was on her way to a council meeting in Cambridge when officers and a riot van pulled up outside her house in Sybil Road, Wisbech, at 7.30am.

Her boyfriend woke up to find three policemen at his door, demanding to speak to someone he had never heard of.

Cllr Hoy said: “The police asked to see someone with an Eastern European name. My boyfriend said he didn’t live there and even invited the police to come in and check.

“Obviously I’m a bit worried about why a suspect has given out my address. Is it a personal thing or is it just coincidence?”

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“It also makes me wonder what would have happened if we had both been out. Would the police have broken in? Would we have come home to find we didn’t have a door?”

Cllr Hoy, county councillor for Wisbech North, said she had e-mailed Fenland Inspector Robin Sissons with her concerns.

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Inspector Sissons said: “A suspect, who is currently in custody, gave us a false home address.

“Three officers visited the address this morning to verify who lived there. It soon became apparent it was not the suspect’s address and the officers left.”

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