Charity fund raising family from March endure ‘living hell’ after son attacked, robbed and seriously injured on Tenerife all for a mobile phone

Nathan Cross is recovering in hospital in Tenerife after a family holiday soured when he was attacke

Nathan Cross is recovering in hospital in Tenerife after a family holiday soured when he was attacked for his mobile phone, fell backwards down some steps and fractured his skull. His brother Ryan has turned detective to help bring the assailant to justice. A gofundme page has been set up to help the family have a second, untroubled holiday. Picture; FAMILY - Credit: Archant

One of the two sons of charity fund raiser Mark Cross was seriously injured after being robbed of his mobile phone whilst on a family holiday.

Fundraiser Mark Cross presenting the £10,000 cheque to the oncology department at Peterborough City

Fundraiser Mark Cross presenting the £10,000 cheque to the oncology department at Peterborough City Hospital. Picture: Supplied / Mark Cross - Credit: Supplied / Mark Cross

Nathan Cross is in a Tenerife hospital recovering from injuries sustained when his assailant punched him the face, causing him to fall heavily down concrete steps and fracturing his skull.

"He has been in hospital ever since," said Mark who was on holiday on the island with his wife Kim and both sons, Ryan and Nathan.

"If it wasn't for the expert immediate first aid given to Nathan by a British lady working in a bar the outcome would have been far worse," said Mark. "We owe her everything."

But whilst the family holiday is in tatters - and Nathan recovers in hospital - friends back home are determined the Cross family will get the chance for a replacement holiday.

Friend Steve Willett set up a fund raising page this weekend in the hope of getting £500 to help fund another; it is already up to £175.

Steve said: "Nathan is on holiday with his family. He was a victim of a robbery and was assaulted so bad that he has been in hospital recovering from three bleeds on his brain. And all for a mobile phone.

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"Nathan and his whole family are a great bunch guys whom I have the privilege to know.

"Their holiday has been ruined so let's PLEASE raise some money to fund another."

Mark Cross, who with his family has helped raise nearly £70,000 in the past nine years for the oncology department at Peterborough hospital, said his son was "recovering well despite having three bleeds on the brain.

"We are at the south of the island; the hospital is in the north. We are enduring a living hell.

"We now have the British Consulate on board as the insurance company is next to useless.

Ryan has been absolutely incredible; his determination to unearth the truth has resulted in the apprehension of a Moroccan pick pocket; he is now rotting in a Spanish jail.

"I am posting this as I know the darts community will want to pass on their best wishes to Nathan. Trust me he needs cheering up."

Mark added: "If you have kids travelling abroad, get the best insurance you can and ensure that your EHIC card is attached to their body and do your homework."

He said the hotel where they were staying "has been incredible and Nathan is getting top care at the hospital.

"We have been overwhelmed with the messages of love and support. Thank you all so much. It has made such a difference to Nathan".

Mark is hopeful that once results of a CT scan come through - and are positive - his son can be discharged.

He said: "Never could parents be so proud of their sons. Nathan is remaining resolute in such trying circumstances.

"Ryan was basically told by the Spanish police to conduct his own investigation and assist in getting witnesses to cooperate.

"He has done all this and he is currently giving evidence in a Spanish court to ensure the evil individual is convicted and sentenced. We are proud, very proud."

He said Nathan is recovering well physically but had been struggling with his prolonged stay in hospital.

"We are very low today as I think the whole situation is finally taking its toll," said Mark, whose annual charity darts matches in March began after he survived cancer.

He was successfully treated for breast cancer in 2009.

"Every year stories emerge of more and more people being affected by the disease and those that donate to the day make such a difference to patients whilst going through traumatic times," he said earlier this year ahead of his 9th annual darts tournament and auction.