Homeowner claims that Whittlesey bar plan will devalue property

A MAN who bought land to build a home in what he believed to be a quiet and secluded area is protesting against plans for a bar and restaurant.

Julian Croft, owner and future occupant of 13B Market Place, Whittlesey, is opposing a licensing application for the opening of the premises at number 12 to sell alcohol, play live and recorded music and stay open until late.

Fenland District Council’s licensing committee meet on Monday to determine the application from Barry and Alison Hubbard for Hubs Place Ltd.

The couple plan to have live music at the venue once a week with outdoor performances in the summer.

Mr Croft, who also owns other properties in Market Place, said in a letter to the council that when he bought the land overlooking the church green it was a quiet area.

He said: “Being in a conservation area appealed to me a great deal, even though I had to abide by strict conservation rules, at great expense”.

After buying the Barn south of 3 Market Street, he was given planning permission in 2008 to convert it into a two-bedroom and a one-bedroom home. They are known as 13C and 13D Market Place. He has tenants waiting to move in.

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Mr Croft said: “I am very concerned with the proposal at 12 Market Place as the front door and overlooking bedroom of 13C Market Place are only four metres away from the gates to the yard where the live music and drinking area is to be, and only eight metres away from the building itself. My own private garden is less than five metres away from this yard.”

He says he is worried about anti-social behaviour which he claims police are already finding it difficult to control, and argues that the rental value of his properties and the value of his home will be hit.

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