Hopefully turnout for Fenland Council election will be good – so we can get a true democratic ‘Voice of Fenland’

In your Voice of the Fens on march 6, you made comment about the possible changing face of local politics.

You mention independents and UKIP, but no other political party.

I’m sure the elections will be anything but dull – let’s hope for a big turnout. Anything above 30 per cent would be welcome, remembering that the usual turnout is probably just above 20 per cent for local elections.

By the way, the Labour Party will be fielding candidates as well and I believe the Greens and Lib Dems, and maybe others, will also be trying to win seats.

As the voting is taking place at the same time as the general election, the turnout will hopefully be good and we will get a true democratic ‘Voice of Fenland’.

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