Horse rescued by police from road in Whittlesey

Horse rescued from road in Whittlesey. Picture: POLICING FENLAND.

Horse rescued from road in Whittlesey. Picture: POLICING FENLAND. - Credit: Archant

A horse was rescued by police after it was found wandering in a road close to Decoy Lake in Whittlesey.

Officers attended the scene yesterday (January 31) and kept the horse off the road until the owner came to take him home.

In a post on social media, a picture showed the white horse grazing on the side of the road being looked after by an officer.

People commented raising concerns about the expense caused to police to attend such incidents.

“When one reads about the police not having the resources to attend burglaries and auto thefts it seems unfair that they are required to horse sit until the owner appears,” one said.

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Another person added: “Why are people moaning about expenses? It’s more dangerous to leave it running all over the roads where it could potentially cause an accident and kill someone! Perhaps the owner was at work and had no idea it had even got loose?”

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