Hot tips to stay warm in winter

Keep warm this winter

Keep warm this winter - Credit: Archant

People are being urged to keep warm and keep safe as temperatures drop to below two degrees with the news that an average of 182 people die each year in Cambridgeshire linked to cold weather.

The advice is particularly important for older more frail people, those with ongoing illnesses like heart and lung conditions and the very young as the cold can affect their health.

Icy ground is also a hazard that can lead to falls and broken bones.

Cambridgeshire County Council health experts have advised people to set heat to a minimum of 18 ºC (65 ºF) day and night, get financial support

to make your home energy efficient, claim all the benefits you are entitled to on heating bills, eat well and have plenty of fluids, get a flu jab, keep active and look after family and neighbours.

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Dr Liz Robin, Director of Public Health for Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “Encouraging vulnerable people to keep warm and safe during the winter is one of our public health priorities, particularly for frail older residents and people with long term illness.”

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Kilian Bourke, Chairman of the Council’s Health Committee, added: “Winter is a dangerous time for the those who are frail and vulnerable and the cold can kill. The County Council is working with other local health services and community organisations to make sure those at risk are helped, supported and receive advice.”

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More advice is available on the winter health pages of NHS Choices

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