Chatteris Town Council agrees to poll that could cost upwards of £13,500 to decide the fate of Wenny Meadow

Wenny Meadow on the Wenny Road roundabout

Wenny Meadow on the Wenny Road roundabout - Credit: HARRY GOODMAN

The planning application for a housing development on Wenny Meadow put in by Cannon Kirk was raised at the annual town meeting of Chatteris Town Council on Thursday, April 28.

After being discussed for over an hour, a vote was held to decide whether or not a parish poll would be held so that the residents of Chatteris could vote whether or not to have the field designated as a Local Green Space.

This designation is a material consideration in a planning decision and will give the land protections similar to that of green belt land.

An ex Town Council member with 40 years experience, Alan Melton, advised this poll could cost upwards of £13,500 of tax payer money.

The vote held had 31 residents voting in favour of the poll and three voting against it.

The poll will take place between May 19 and June 7 in the hours 4-9pm, a date and venue has yet to be decided, no poll cards or postal votes will be issued.