Residents flooded over Christmas urged to contact county councillors

Cllr Steve Count and flooding images from March

Councillors at Cambridgeshire County Council want to hear from Fenland residents who were flooded over Christmas. Picture: Archant / Ian Carter - Credit: Ian Carter

Councillors at Cambridgeshire County Council want to hear from Fenland residents who were flooded over Christmas.

The information shared will be used to help shape an extraordinary meeting with its flood and water partners next month (February).

Cllr Steve Count, leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “I want to commend the community response to the flooding, people certainly pulled together across the county.

 “I have asked officers to look at the lessons learnt from these latest floods and share that with all our partners at the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Flood & Water Partnership as soon as possible.”

Cllr John Gowing, of Cambridgeshire County Council, and Cllr Jan French, Deputy Leader of Fenland District Council, will be collecting information for the March area.

Cllr John Gowing

Cllr John Gowing, of Cambridgeshire County Council, has urged residents affected by recent flooding to contact him. - Credit: Archant

Cllr Gowing, who has been reaching out to residents over social media, said: “Since posting in community Facebook groups I have been inundated with responses from concerned residents.

“We need to hear about what’s happened to anyone who was affected by the floods over Christmas, so please share your experience.”

Residents should also report where flooding occurred on Cambridgeshire County Council’s website.

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Over the next week, officers will be gathering data on the flooding hotspots and workshops will be taking place with district councils.

The county council is also set to carry out a review before the partnership’s special meeting.

Anglian Water van at Cavalry Drive, in March.

An Anglian Water van in Cavalry Drive, in March, one of the streets flooded on Christmas Eve 2020. - Credit: Ian Carter

Cllr Count added: “We are collating the flooding incidents, contacting partners at other agencies such as the Environment Agency, Internal Drainage Boards, police, fire and district councils, this will allow us to create ‘heat maps’ of the incidents and identify areas across the county and allow all agencies to work together, share understanding and learn lessons.

 “The responsibility for managing and investigating flooding rests with various agencies, but it is important that we co-ordinate responses and share information.

“I want us to make sure we’re capturing the latest round of events from each area and every area impacted, acting as a conduit for information and coordinating action with all partners involved.”

To contact Cllr Gowing, email Cllr French is available at