Help on the way to protect Cambridgeshire homes from flooding

FLOODING A Car remains abandond as water levels still rise at The Causeway

A car remains abandoned as water levels still rise at The Causeway Sutton Gault.. Monday 01 February 2021. - Credit: TERRY HARRIS

An Ely councillor says her work as chair of a county council committee will help to address and deliver improvements to addressing flooding and flood risk. 

Cllr Lorna Dupré, chair of the council’s environment and green investment committee, said: “We will now be working with partner organisations to improve flood prediction and identify and deliver projects to address flooding and flood risk.” 

A new plan to reduce the risk of flooding in Cambridgeshire over the next five years was approved by the committee. 

Councillors agreed the Cambridgeshire Flood Risk Management Strategy and supporting action plan that will run until 2027. 

It was agreed following a public consultation which lasted for nearly two months until late January. 

The consultation received 31 responses, which led to changes in areas including the impact of new development on flood risk and better communication with the community. 

In a foreword to the refreshed Cambridgeshire Flood Risk Management Strategy, Cllr Dupre says “flooding can have a significant impact on communities and individuals alike.  

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“This was felt most recently in 2020 where widespread areas of Cambridgeshire were subject to intense rainfall over a prolonged period, and subsequent flooding on not just one, but two occasions.  

“The climate emergency means that the frequency and impact of such flood events is likely to increase.  

“Cambridgeshire County Council recognises the importance of working with our communities and risk management authorities to create a safer and more resilient Cambridgeshire. “ 

She says the flooding in 2020 demonstrated the importance of community flood groups.  

“It was heartening to see how members of our varied and diverse communities pulled together to form strong bonds, working closely with one another to ensure they were safe at a time of need,” she says. 

“One of our goals is to harness this community spirit and work alongside communities who know their local area in detail to ensure we don’t miss opportunities to tackle the risks posed by flooding.” 

Locally options are being explored in relation to surface water flooding in Cottenham.  

“In addition to this, partners will continue to monitor for opportunities associated with the wider network of the Cambridgeshire Lodes,” says a report to the committee.