How does Steve know what we’re doing? He’s not in my pocket and has no knowledge of the problems we put right

I find that Councillor Steve Tierney is now scraping the barrel of dirt to the very bottom.

This is what he published on a Facebook discussion Forum site: “On a local level UKIP would destroy our town.”

“Look at the mess they have made locally as county councillors.”

I ask, how on earth does he know what I and other county councillors have and are doing for this community? He is not in my pocket, he has no knowledge of who we see and what problems we put right.

He also states: “If people want change from a growing, prosperous and upbeat town into a racist, hate-filled wasteland then vote UKIP.”

This is a slanderous and highly inappropriate comment that is inciting racial hatred.

I will give him a little information – we have standing as a candidate a female Latvian, who in her short time here has already become a school governor and is fluent in three languages

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I notice that Wisbech market place has had in a short time a one-way system, then an almighty about-turn to the opposite way.

How very decisive.


County councillor, Roman Bank and Peckover

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