Top tips to make sure the coronavirus articles you’re reading are NOT fake news

Top magazine editor reveals her top tips to make sure you are not reading fake coronavirus news. Pic

Top magazine editor reveals her top tips to make sure you are not reading fake coronavirus news. Picture: pixabay - Credit: Archant

As coronavirus spreads, so does the fake news. We reveal some helpful tips to make sure what you are reading is current and accurate.

Everything published by us has been fact checked and produced by fully trained journalists working to the Editors’ Code of Practice.

However, elsewhere on the internet, conspiracy theories, false information, and photoshopped images are being widely shared.

Trying to distinguish fact from fiction is increasingly difficult, especially due to the spread of misinformation in services such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

Ruth Sparkes editor of the free magazine Future Mag has given us some of her top tips on identifying when we’re being fed fake news.

• Where did the info come from?

Look at the publication or site and look at its other stories – consider whether there is any other possible dodgy content.

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• Is it current?

Sometimes a story from years ago can be re used to give the impression of ‘new’ news.

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• Look closer

Check whether the story has been published on other credible sites.

• What’s underneath the headline?

Some publications and websites use ‘click-bait’ headlines as a way to encourage you to ‘click’ on the story. Sometimes the actual story bears no resemblance to its headline.

• Research the author

If the article has a writer’s byline – Google them or checkout their social media accounts to see what other articles they’ve written, and to work out whether they might have a hidden agenda or a particular line to push.

• Check the facts

There are some great fact-checking websites such as: and to use when you’re really not sure about a story.

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