Hundreds of cyclists injured on Cambridgeshire roads

POLICE have warned cyclists to take care after more than 450 were injured across Cambridgeshire last year.

Pc Steve Gedny said people needed to be more “defensive” in their cycling to avoid clashes with cars and lorries - even if by law they have the right of way.

“If there is a cycling lane down the left-hand side of a lorry and you have right of way, it doesn’t mean you have to go down the side of the lorry. There is only going to be one winner,” he said.

The casualty reduction officer also warned cyclists to wear high-visibility clothing, lights and a helmet in order to stay safe.

But attitudes will need to change if the number of injuries is to fall, Pc Gedny said.

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“You have the cyclists who say it is all the drivers’ fault, then you have drivers saying it is the cyclists’ fault,” he said.

“I have been in traffic policing for 20 years and have seen cyclists go straight through red lights in front of a police car. Then you will have a driver who will not give a cyclist any room.

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“It’s all about changing these attitudes.”

Of the 450 cyclists injured on Cambridgeshire roads last year, 250 were outside of Cambridge.

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