Huntingdon and Sleaford kicked out of FA Cup after mass brawl causes match to be abandoned

Ricky Marheineke, Huntingdon Town FC

Ricky Marheineke, Huntingdon Town FC - Credit: Archant

Huntingdon Town Football Club have been chucked out of the FA Cup for their part in a mass brawl that caused their tie with Sleaford Town to be abandoned.

An FA sub committee at Wembley today (Thursday) removed both Huntingdon and Sleaford after they admitted they were guilty of causing a match to be abandoned by failing to control their players and staff in the first qualifying round of the cup on September 14.

The teams have also been fined £150 after a hearing at Northamptonshire FA on Wednesday.

Sleaford were 2-1 up against Huntingdon at Eslaforde Park when a fight broke out in the 87th minute following a coming together between Sleaford’s manager Kris Jones and Huntingdon’s Ollie Medwynter, who was trying to take a throw in.

Ricky Marheineke, Huntingdon manager, said: “We are all disappointed and we are going to draw a line under it. We have learned some big lessons since this happened and it is something that we don’t want to see ever happen again at Huntingdon Town.

“We are doing great on the pitch and we want it to continue our form.”

A spokesman for the FA said: “The decision follows a meeting today [Thursday] of The FA Cup Sub Committee which considered the submissions from both clubs and the findings from an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing which took place on Wednesday, September 25, 2013.

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“At that Commission hearing, it was decided that both clubs be severely censured and warned as to their future conduct and each fined £150.

“The charge, which both clubs admitted, was a failure to ensure their players and/or officials and/or supporters conducted themselves in an orderly fashion and/or refrained from provocative and/or violent behaviour.

“The FA Cup Sub Committee decided that, within its powers under FA Cup Rule 1(g), both clubs are removed from this season’s competition following the abandonment of their FA Cup tie.”

Sleaford manager Kris Jones has hinted the Lincolnshire team may appeal against the decision.

Meanwhile AFC Sudbury, who would have been Sleaford or Huntingdon’s opponents in the next round, have been given a bye into the third qualifying round of the FA Cup.