I always thought taxpayers elected knowledgeable individuals. How wrong I am

AS if the haemorrhage of political sanity amongst politicians is not enough, we are having to contend with the debacle of local government posturing like a mesmerised rabbit.

How unseemly it is to read of local politicians indulging in decisions likely to cost taxpayers dearly - the superstore wars for instance.

A whiff of repugnance fills the air when we read of councillors making decisions likely to cost taxpayers dearly in the ill-conceived superstore wars.

It reeks of artificial intelligence rife in the corridors of power.

To add incredibility to the matter we now have Wisbech and March respectively engulfed in unseemly confrontation between a council employee and councillors and a mayor and council leader engaged in tit-for-tat fashion in a creeping malady of posturing and back-biting.

I cannot recall in my years as a voter so much malignancy involving leaders, mayors and councillors supposedly elected to promote the efficient well-being of Fenland. The old Isle of Ely District Council did far better.

And now to add insult in injury Cambridgeshire County Council has coolly spent about £10million of taxpayers money on consultancy fees. Staggering is an understatement.

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I always thought taxpayers elected knowledgeable individuals for their brains and insight of how to order faultless good reasoning and practice in the area they profess to serve.

How wrong I am. It is posturing and status and fiscal embellishment at the heart of it all.

It is the last thing we need when, to our shame, old values are being deliberately undermined.

Where are the good, conscientious men of old?


St Peter’s Road