I am encouraged by Prime Minister’s immigration comments - so let’s have an open debate

I WAS encouraged by the Prime Minister’s comments on immigration. It is self-evident in our town of the impact of national policy on the everyday lives and experiences of folk.

There can be few of us not affected by the employment, housing, education and welfare experiences of migrant workers and their families.

Whilst much good is provided by immigration - indeed it is the history of our nation - it must not be encouraged without control, and certainly not to the detriment of English people.

It must never be allowed to fester hostility, and for Fenland to become the breeding ground for intolerance.

Previously I have seen little evidence of work done by local politicians to address these issues, if they have it has certainly not been promoted.

It is regrettable the issue has been raised at election time - maybe this is a cynical move - but for many people it is their primary concern and should be aired.

So, let us have the debate in the open but I ask the Conservative candidates... what have you done about this issue for the past four years?

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Labour Candidate, Hill Ward

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