I am opposed to plans for Neale-Wade CC in March to become an academy

I AM diametrically opposed to the position of Neale-Wade Community College and the Fenland Schools Partnership of applying for academy status.

Applying for academy status for want of an increase in money for the school, I feel, does not get to the root of the problem: it does not provide an incentive for politicians like Education Secretary Michael Gove to increase the funding given to regular schools.

Furthermore, it comes at the very expense of schools that do need the money. I feel that this is change for the sake of change.

The letter which I received brings thunderous clouds of bad news and worry: yet it does not go into detail of costs for such a change nor does it mention the timescale of such a change.

Worst of all, it fails to mention when and in what equipment pupils will see the benefits. But it will be after a long “consultation”.

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This letter that I received talks of a good relationship with the LEA and wanting to continue this. Yet the school will not really gain anything but extra ��� - from other schools in the county and nationwide.

I hope the school will listen to every concern from every parent, every student and every teacher. Because, from where I see it, the school has its heart set on this idea already and I would hate to see the school steam-roller this through.

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Neale-Wade 6th former

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