I certainly don’t want a return to the days preceding Second World War, Mr Moore

Following Mr Moore’s letter (June 13) - I certainly do not wish to return to the years preceding the Second World War.

Casting an eye on the world’s current situation, little has changed. Impetus for disaster is greater and ties in with dire warning written years ago.

The common market emphasising European trade compares with the soundness and success of the medieval Hanseatic League minus politics. This has given way to a toxic concoction in the enveloping embrace of European federalisation.

I deduce from ancient forecasts that Britain will leave the EU and our country will be guided into a profoundly greater role.

The forecasts of old are turning out to be amazingly reliable and predictable. That is more than I can say for the diatribe emanating from the lips of posturing politicians here and in Europe.

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I believe that England is destined to have a positive part in the solution of the world’s cataclysmic problems, but not as a member of the flawed EU.


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