I did not praise Councillor Jolley

With regards to your paper’s article over the debacle of the rebranding of Fenland’s Leisure Centres.

Your journalist wrongly reported that I had praised Councillor Pop Jolley for accepting for responsibility for the ensuing shambles.

This could not be further from the truth.

What I actually said was that given the fact that he had accepted full responsibility for the mess and all the distress caused, would he be now doing the right thing and be resigning from his post.

I was calling for his resignation, not bestowing praise upon him!

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This was supposed to be one of FDC’s flagship policies and one of Cllr Jolley’s ‘big ideas’.

His handling of the launch was amateurish, bungling, mismanaged and has cost our taxpayers a lot of money, not to mention the hurt he has caused to the families concerned and the damage that has been inflicted on the reputation of the council.

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Heads should roll for this and if Cllr Jolley is accepting full responsibility, a simple sorry is not enough.



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