I feel shame that our once Great Nation has had to resort to setting up across the county of food banks

I feel that I have to respond to a recent tweet from Wisbech Town councillor Steve Tierney regarding ‘food banks are profoundly a Conservative idea.......’

I feel great shame that our once Great Nation has had to resort to the setting up across the country of food banks to feed many of the citizens of this country. However it comes as no surprise when you look at the continuous cuts in benefits by the Government presently in power.

The “Bedroom Tax” alone has left many people in a distinct poverty trap by virtue that they cannot downsize due insufficient housing stock and therefore punished by a sharp reduction in benefits through no fault of there own.

Little or nothing has been done with regards the vicious hike in electricity and gas prices again leaving millions living in severe poverty.

It should be remembered that the benefits that people receive were supposed to be the minimum amount needed to live on.

What Mr Tierney should remember is that it is the action of his colleagues in Government that sadly have forced people to have to beg for food merely just to survive. Something I find shameful in today’s society

It seems to me that this government’s policy as in times gone by is to attack those vulnerable people in our community less able to defend themselves.

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Another profoundly Conservative idea?

DAVID PATRICK (Councillor)