I have never voted UKIP... but I will now! My patience and tolerance is now exhausted

IN your March 15 letters “UKIP supporter” Geoff Ash voiced his concerns about mass immigration to the UK and was appalled at those who called into question such democratic views as being “racist”.

My once proud nation’s culture, history and traditions will, over time, vanish as they are cast into the undemocratic melting pot of multi-culturalism, that according to our PM and other European leaders is “not working”.

The country I once knew as being proud and respected throughout the world sadly no longer exists. To speak one’s mind on many issues such as immigration is met with a tirade of insulting cries of bigotry and racial predjudice.

Mass immigration to the UK over the past decade has placed huge pressure on vital services such as employment, health care, education, housing and policing, to name a few,

Mitch Mitchell’s rather emotional attack (letters, March 8), on those who want to see an end to the suicidal policy of immigration, suggests that those who vote UKIP and oppose mass immigration are to be likened to the BNP. What absolute ridiculous and appalling nonsense.

I have never voted UKIP, but I will now. I do not want to be part of a so-called union of countries that is declining socially and economically.

As civil unrest grips the capitals of Europe, the tsunami of immigrants to a country that is energy poor, unemployment high and housing stocks low, must end!

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One fed up Englishman, whose patience and tolerance is now exhausted.


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PLEASE allow me to contribute to the current discussion about UKIP on your letters page.

Sue Dockett makes some valid points (March 22) but omitted the fact that Ed Miliband admits labour got it wrong on immigration.

It may not get my vote but all credit to UKIP regarding the recent U-turns on immigration by the government. Without the rising public acceptance of the party, none of this would have happened.

What does concern me is the arrogant and utterly childish attack on Mr Ash and other UKIP supporters by Mr Mitchell. If we have reached the point in this country when an intelligent letter on a delicate subject is met by the race card being played then count me out.

In addition, the claim that immigration does not contribute towards unemployment will be of particular interest to my brother, a graduate, who has been unemployed for more than seven months.

We still have the luxury of free speech in the UK but unless people like Mr Mitchell are prepared to use it in an adult way, may I suggest they spout their left wing ideology elsewhere.


Via e-mail

I READ with interest the comments from Doug Kendall about the concern people have with immigration (April 5), never letting the facts get in the way of a good argument.

What a wonderful quote - pity he didn’t put forward any.

Why is it when someone is concerned that too many immigrants are coming to this country they are automatically racists and bigots?

As for the title Capital of the Fens changing, the way things are going it may be re written in numerous languages anyway to reflect the multi-cultural society we live in.


Via e-mail

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