I have suffered from mysterious hum for several years

I READ your report regarding a mysterious low-frequency hum. As I have suffered with this phenomenon for some years, I thought your readers may be interested.

I lived in the small and otherwise quiet village of Eltisley for around five years but was forced to move to St Neots to escape the nocturnal noises, which made sleep virtually impossible. Now, I am starting to hear the noise in St Neots.

My health has been ruined from lack of sleep and I have lost three jobs due to poor health. I now work in a low-paid job that places less demand on me than my previous occupation as an engineer.

It has destroyed my life and that of many others around the world. It is a well documented phenomenon, but there is little or no scientific research to determine sources.

Councils are not interested in investigating this as a noise nuisance, as it is very difficult to record and as low frequency sound tends to propagate most effectively through the ground and structures of buildings.

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