I hope councils ignored ‘wasteful’ order to hoist EU flags on Europe Day

The European Union cranked up its latest craze, ordering all member states to hoist EU flags on town halls and county headquarters on Europe Day (Monday May 9).

Failure to do so would result in heavy fines.

I hope Fenland District Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and lesser councils ignored that wasteful, greedy, discredited monopoly of air-heads, and ran up the George Cross and Union flags instead. As for the fines - I’d ignore them.

Never in the past has anyone or any British authority been forced to fly our national flags. This is the stark difference between true democracy and federal interference.

Not satisfied with that, the grossly overpaid mandarins over the sea are suggesting merging southern England with Normandy, a tactic to re-draw the map and destroy our national identity.

I can see we are going to have the Battle of Hastings all over again. And this time we had better win. Sharpen the swords.

Trevor Beavis

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St Peter’s Road, March

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