I’ll be back says Town Clerk

Erbie Murat, Wisbech Town Council clerk

Erbie Murat, Wisbech Town Council clerk - Credit: Archant

SUSPENDED Wisbech town clerk Erbie Murat has insisted he intends to be back at work “as soon as possible.”

Mr Murat, who was suspended nine weeks ago, revealed to the Wisbech Standard that there is “still a lot of work to be done” and that he intends to get back to it without delay.

Mr Murat contacted us to assure fellow councillors and townspeople that he is determined to get back to his work routine as soon as he can.

“I am not the former Town Clerk,” he said.

“I have not been dismissed. I have not handed in my notice.

“There is still a lot of work to be done and it is my intention to be back at work to do it as soon as possible.

“I have been a little hampered.”

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Mr Murat said he has never been formally told the reasons for his suspension despite repeated requests from both himself and his representative, Lionel Thatcher, of the Society of Local Council Clerks.

He calls the situation “completely intolerable.”

Mr Murat, who has been town clerk for five years, was suspended for alleged misconduct earlier this year.

He has steered the council through considerable change and was instrumental in encouraging the town council to pursue ownership of the marketplace from Fenland District Council.

However, he was forced to sit outside meetings with market traders after falling out with them during the transition period following complaints of his heavy and high handed approach.

He was also mildly reprimanded after challenging a decision by Fenland to allow a sex shop at Guyhirn.

Mr Murat said that his suspension was indefinite until matters were resolved.