I’ll eat my words - well done to Wisbech Operatic Society for brilliant panto at Angles Theatre

I WOULD like to tell you about the events of my evening on Wednesday, December 22.

My husband came home from work as usual, and told me we would have tea ‘out’ as he had bought three panto tickets from a friend at work who could no-longer go.

My immediate thought? Oh terrific, just what I need in the run up to Christmas. Am I not busy enough? But, as a dutiful wife, I hurried my nine year old son along, dragged a jumper over my clothes and painted on a smile. Off we went for a fast food meal which the nine year old loved.

“What’s wrong?” asked hubby as we drove up to the Angles theatre. Obviously I hadn’t hid my disappointment as well as I thought. “Well, panto’s not my thing” was all I could muster.

Truth was, we originally come from Woking in Surrey and I was used to going to the big production pantomimes in Woking, Wimbledon, Guildford or even Portsmouth. Why would I want to see a small town production with no famous faces in it?

We wandered in to the theatre, ‘quaint’ was how hubby described it. ‘Tiny’ was my word for it. We sat comfortably in our seats and I prepared myself for a couple or hours of hell.

Well, I have to eat my words here and say well done to the Wisbech Operatic Society for such a professional and amusing performance. I have never enjoyed a panto so much.

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I laughed all the way through, my sides hurt and I ruined my make up by the end of the first half. The nine year old was totally enthralled by the whole thing and was excitedly joining in with all of the songs sang and the it’s behind you’s and ‘oh no he didn’ts.

Even hubby spent the whole time in his chair and didn’t sneak out for a pint once. I was amazed.

Why had we never been to see a production at the Angles before? Snobbery, that’s why. How could a small group of nobodies compete with the plays and pantomimes we were used to watching back home? Well, it turns out they can, they did and, I’ve no doubt, they will carry on doing so for quite some time.

So, Thank you to the WOADS for a wonderful evening, you have gained three more fans in us. I can’t wait for your next production. I really believe my entire fellow city dwellers from the south should go and watch a production by this very talented group of people, they might be as surprised as me.

And finally, as my nine year old shouted out to you all after the cast wished the audience a Happy New Year, YOU TOO!


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