I’m furious after reading your story about RSPCA not responding to a swan in trouble

After reading your article about the RSPCA not responding to a swan in trouble, I must say I’m furious.

This is not the first time the so-called animal welfare RSPCA has “not bothered”. I myself have reported animals in distress before – all it seems to care about is “would you like to donate some money”.

I have reported a swan on Railway Fishing Lakes in Whittlesey with fishing line wrapped around its leg going over its back to its mouth with the hook in the side of its mouth. Nobody came out!

I have reported two horses being tethered in the old showfield, that are sometimes without a water bucket for days and are never fed.

How very sad that the RSPCA does not act on animal cruelty like it should. It advertises all the time on the TV, I used to donate to it outside supermarkets etc but I don’t now.

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It’s shameful and so very frustrating when an animal is in need. Who do you contact these days to get something done about cruelty?


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