I’m left angry with changes to blue badge application system - my word is not being taken as honest

I wonder if you were aware of the upset and trauma the changes in the blue badge application has been causing?

They have come about because of ‘abuse’ in the system. While I think the initial application process could be tightened up, those who already have a badge shouldn’t have to go through the same procedure.

When I asked the local blue badge official why I was being assessed I was told that applicants were chosen ‘at random’ to be assessed by an ‘independent assessor’.

Let’s just hope it’s not a repeat of the recent farrago where disabled people were ‘assessed’ by Atos and declared fit and many of them were dead within the year!

I am really annoyed that my word is not being taken as honest, especially as it was never doubted when I served in HMF for 12 years, nor in my last job of 16 years when I ran a therapy centre for Alzheimer’s patients.

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I find it insulting, and I know of many other applicants who are getting ill because they are so worried about it.

It’s not even as though the blue badge costs the Government millions – we pay for it.

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It’s just another example of this government trying to rule every aspect of our lives and NOT trusting the professionals (doctors, teachers, nurses etc.) to get on and do the job.


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