I’m sure my brother would provide great support for you if elected

I WANT to bring to attention that my brother Stephen Court is standing for the district and town council in the March West Ward for the Liberal Democrats on May 5.

This is the third time he has stood in this ward. In 2007 he stood in the district election and by doing so ensured that the seat was contested (it wasn’t in 2003). He did quite well considering it was the first time he had done this.

In 2009 he stood in the town by-election and again gave a good account of himself, getting more than 550 votes.

Once again he is committed to stand in the same ward in 2011 and is the only “opposition” candidate to be standing for at least the second time.

He has always been interested in helping people, he represents people in his workplace as a union rep and he helps to look after our elderly mother.

He has never been motivated particularly by money, more by a sense of doing the right thing. He has been of great support to myself, other family members and friends over the years and I am sure he would do so for the people of March West when called upon.

If anyone who can vote in March West would like to see Stephen representing their interests at both distirct and town level please “support the Court” and consider giving him your vote.

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