I’m sure the public can think of some names to ‘dump’ from streets or landmarks when Tories lose control

Further to the arrogant decision by Fenland District Council to dump the honourably named George Campbell and Hudson Leisure centres in March and Wisbech respectively.

The councillors are currently Tory in the majority. This will not be the case forever.

Future non-Tory councillors who come into control now have licence to dump a few “names”. I am sure the public can submit a few suggestions were they to slump to the depths of integrity as shown by the current lot.

I am not going to name names currently honoured because I do not have the right. However, I can suggest replacement names should a future authority wish to use them: Tesco Boulevard, Lidl Lane, Sainsbury Street, Google Gate.

This does beg the question - why is it that ex-councillors seem to dominate when naming facilities or streets?

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I suggest naming a landmark in Chatteris in honour of Dave ‘Boy’ Green or in March after Minnie Minett who contributed years of hard work and devotion to March Army Cadets.

I am sure your readers can suggest other worthy local people.

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There exists an attitude throughout all political powerhouses of ignoring the people. Or at the very least, being totally out of touch.

If you don’t change we will be marching down UKIP Street before long because they seem to be the only ones who are listening.


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