I must sing praises of Thomas Clarkson Academy as my son, 14, prepares to receive A-level physics and chemistry result

As we await the disclosure of A-Level results this week, I feel compelled to sing the praises of Thomas Clarkson Academy in Wisbech.

Our five children are all home schooled. Like most parents, we are committed to our children’s academic development and particularly their learning environment and who teaches them.

At the end of the last academic year we found ourselves in a predicament because our eldest son (then 14) needed to study A-Level physics and chemistry. This required laboratories, specialist instruction and expertise, which we could not realistically provide at home.

So we turned to Thomas Clarkson for help.

Whilst my son only had four GCSEs (not the requisite five) but a maths A-level too, the academy assessed him as an individual and permitted him to join the sixth form to study the entire A-level syllabus in one year.

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Our amazement at the facilities and resources available at the academy was only surpassed by the commitment delivered by the head, Clare Claxton, and her teaching faculty, especially head of sixth form Paul Musson. There really is no substitute for passion and dynamism.

I have now had the pleasure of speaking to various teachers at the academy and I can honestly say that there is nothing preventing the young people of Thomas Clarkson from achieving the very highest academic standards, provided they have the motivation and support at home to make the required sacrifices and put in the hard work, in the same way as those who attend schools like Eton, Harrow and Westminster.

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My son has had the privilege of being exposed to some very accomplished teachers and tutors, including notable scientists and university lecturers and researchers, but Thomas Clarkson has been his best learning experience thus far, assisted also by the warm welcome other sixth form students gave him, despite his being two to three years younger.

Next year my second son (currently 12) will be joining his older brother in the sixth form to study AS biology and complete his maths A-level.

Thank you Clare Claxton and Thomas Clarkson Academy for believing in our children and expecting the best out of them.


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