I must think twice about donating to the RSPCA again after its heavy-handed move against Rob’s centre

I am shocked by how heavy-handed the RSPCA has been in removing Rob Phipps’ dogs.

I have always favoured the RSPCA as a charity that I donate to but I will have to think twice about whether I would donate to them again.

My daughter and I started walking Rob’s rescue dogs at the end last year. Every time we have been the dogs are always happy and they are clearly well looked after.

Another benefit of these dog walks are if people don’t want to take their dogs for a walk alone in the dark they are welcome to join - and its also great for socialising their dogs too.

What Rob has done by arranging these walks is great in bringing a community together.

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He is a well-known character with loads of local support which has been proved even more by this unfortunate event.


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