I pointed out that town councillors were volunteers because many people think we earn an allowance

Erbie Murat, ex-Wisbech town clerk, puffed himself up in last week’s edition and asked why I felt the need to point out that town councillors were volunteers.

A lot of people don’t realise this and think they earn an allowance, like the UKIP county councillors do, or a wage, like town clerks do.

So if UKIP councillors feel the need to accuse volunteers of “lining their pockets” it is only fair to point out the truth.

Fair-minded people expect that when cheap accusations are thrown it is not unreasonable to respond to them.

Then he says I should “support the Wisbech to March rail link” – when anybody who knows me knows full well that I do support it.

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Finally, he calls me a “career politician” which is funny in a way. I’m 46 and I’ve spent five years in local politics. So it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a “career”.

There are “careers” with local councils for sure – town clerk is a well-known one, for instance.

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