I raised concerns about potential March traffic chaos - and was told I don’t know what congestion is!

TREVOR Bevis’ letter in last week’s edition, raising concerns about the vast amount of extra traffic planned for March town centre, as a result of Fenland District Council’s proposals for a minimum of an extra 4,200 houses for March, is echoed by many other residents.

I think that many residents are not aware that a minimum of 4,200 houses planned for the town will result in another 6,000 vehicles on the town’s roads.

Residents are also aware that in the recent county council transport strategy, there are no proposals or solutions on how this vast amount of extra traffic can be accommodated. Perhaps, because there is no solution.

I raised this issue at the last full Fenland Council meeting and the only response I got was from Councillor Jonathan Farmer, from Wisbech, who stated: “The people of March do not know what traffic congestion is, they should live in Putney in London.”

Next time you are sitting in a traffic jam in the town centre, just think of Cllr Farmer’s statement.

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