I see the MP is showing an interest in rail link between Wisbech and March - is there an election coming up?

Yet again, another group is seeking to reopen the rail link between Wisbech and March, but why only now?

As is widely known, ex-Wisbech businessman Peter Downs started the ‘Bramley Line’ with all good intent on getting the line reopened as a heritage line, despite some finding fault with the idea.

When Peter later stood down as chairman, I was duly elected to take over. I continued to attempt to achieve this goal, trying everything I could to get funds, as well as members, sadly to no avail.

The only reason I later stood down was to look after my wife who sadly later died from cancer.

Since standing down, I remained a member and was behind negotiations for an interest-free loan in order for the Bramley Line Trust to obtain the lease for the line from Network Rail, but with two small conditions which it refused to even discuss. The offer was dropped.

Back then, MP Steve Barclay showed NO interest whatsoever.

But it seems that, now we are to have a general election in May next year, he has suddenly become interested.

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It was only following allegations being made against me that I terminated my membership from the trust.

Since the Bramley Line Trust took over, chaired by an ex-councillor, no public meetings have been held any more and the turntable has turned away from them.

From what I have learned, and even seen for myself very recently, absolutely nothing has been done work wise along the line and the ‘office’ and wagons have been removed from Waldersea.


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