I stand united with fellow Conservative candidates opposing Kingswood Park closure

I REPLY to your article on April 22 on the proposed closure of Kingswood Park care home in March.

The proposed closure of this facility in March has come as shock and a surprise to us all. This is a facility that has provided support to residents and the families of the elderly for many years and if the closure goes ahead it will be sadly missed.

I fully support the comment made by Adam Triggs: “This should have been discussed a year ago to give residents the opportunity to start thinking about their plans. To give six months notice is wrong.

“I hope MHA and Sanctuary Group can look beyond the commercial aspect of it all and find some sort of common ground to do what is right.”

I stand united with my fellow Conservative councillors in March in opposing this proposed closure and offer my support to assist this campaign in any way I can.

I would have thought that all councillors and prospective councillors would unite in giving their support to this campaign; the potential loss of this facility in March will put unnecessary anxiety on the residents and their families.

The comments made by Martin Field, the prospective Labour councillor for March East, do nothing to aid the campaign to keep this facility open. It only seeks to make political gain on an issue that is of real concern to many people.

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I am sure his involvement would have been welcomed if he had shown support to keep Kingswood Park open.

If this proposed closure is the result of county council cuts, perhaps he should consider that if the political party that he supports had managed this country’s finances better when they were in power nationally, then councils around the country would not have to make cuts that we are all experiencing.


March North Candidate

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